Other Benefits


Other Benefits 

In addition to healthcare solutions, edHEALTH provides complementary programs that improve care for faculty, staff, and their family members while containing costs.

Population Health, Wellness, and Data Solution Programs

Population Health

edHEALTH’s population health initiatives that improve care for employees and family members dealing with complex medical conditions, while addressing costs.

KnovaSolutions® Clinical Prevention Service

  • Targets the 5% of our member population that comprises over 50% of claim costs.
  • Clinical staff provides personalized care for high-risk, high-cost employees and covered dependents. 24/7 access to assistance improves quality and employee satisfaction
  • Periodic reports on the edHEALTH population risk and the Program’s Return on Investment gives members insight into their population for more-informed plan design decisions.

Stability Health Diabetes Care Management Program

  • Focuses on the growing population diagnosed with this complex and costly chronic disease.
  • Supports participants through in-depth evaluation, individualized care plans, ongoing advice and encouragement, and intervention when needed.
  • Coordinates with primary care providers to facilitate timely intervention, enhance office visits, and reduce costs.

Additionally, our third party administrators offer an array of population health program options that are built into a school’s Administrative Services Only (ASO) fee.

Wellness at Work

In late spring, we host a four-week walking challenge. Each member school competes for the edHEALTH walking challenge trophy and celebratory event. Team employees strive for 10,000 steps per day. Step achievers from each school win a weekly prize. This event is wildly popular as participants try to beat their colleagues at other colleges and universities. And – they like being active too!

Data Solutions

Health insurance works when members are in the know. Our data warehouse provides enhanced reporting for better data-driven decision making. Through data analysis, cutting-edge programs, and decision support, we help educational institutions select programs that meet their needs while containing rising healthcare costs.

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