Vermont Captive Insurance Association Conference

August 10-12

VCIA 2021 Conference

Join edHEALTH's Tracy Hassett on August 12 at the VCIA Conference to explore current events and future initiatives impacting the captive insurance industry.

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Almost 580 Faculty and Staff Step it Up for Four-Week Walking Challenge

Clark University Tops Highest Step School Rankings

Almost 580 faculty and staff from 17 colleges, universities, and secondary schools participated in this year’s edHEALTH “Walk This Way” Walking Challenge. This represented a 28.9% increase in participation over last year. Employees achieved remarkable results over the four-week challenge that positively affect their health and wellbeing:

  • 148.5M steps walked, 40.5M more than last year
  • Average of 260,407 steps walked per walker

Weekly and Grand Prize Winners

For every week of the walking challenge, participants were eligible for a “Walk This Way” gift card based on steps walked.

  • 5,000 steps per day or 35,000 steps per week - 72 employees received a $50 gift card
  • 7,500 steps per day / 52,500 step per week - 70 employees received a $75 gift card
  • 10,000 steps per day/ 70,000 steps per week - 70 employees received a $100 gift card

The top stepper from each organization won a $500 Amazon Gift Card!

Clark University Tops Participating Schools

Clark University posted the highest average steps per participant at an incredible 372,946 steps per participant. The school wins an engraved “Walk This Way” trophy. Congratulations, Clark University!

Employee Communications

edHEALTH created and distributed employee engagement communications throughout the walking challenge to help faculty and staff meet and exceed their step goals. Access these communications in PDF and link formats.

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