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We offer you a simple, self-insured healthcare solution;

you offer your employees quality healthcare at lower costs with greater transparency and a seamless conversion to plans, coverage and doctors. The result is employee satisfaction and an opportunity for valuable institutional savings you can pass along to students and families.

Lower cost than a fully insured plan

* Negotiated lower fees with TPAs
* No hidden broker payments
* Larger group = better pricing, less volatility
* Not paying “profits” on base level of claims


* Claims are “transparent” in setting rates, so clear information is available for plan
design and incentives program decision-making, at an affordable scale.

* Compare best practices, results and cost and utilization analysis with
other member schools

Stop Loss Captive

* Pooled experience
* The concept of insurance is predicated on the law of large numbers –
a larger group means the claims are more predictable or “credible” for rate pricing purposes.
* “Non-profit” insurance collaborative – a clear mission!
* Direct access to reinsurers – transparency, lower costs
* Group manages services, control, and sets reserves
* Potential for future dividends


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