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We provide comprehensive, self-insured healthcare solutions for colleges, universities, private and charter schools

If you are looking for quality, cost-effective healthcare benefits for your faculty, staff, and family members, turn to edHEALTH. Our attractive healthcare programs enable you to offer the same coverage and doctors, hospitals, and other providers at lower costs. Join the 23 other educational institutions that have become member/owners of edHEALTH. You and your employees will be glad you did!

Lower costs

* Larger group = better pricing and less volatility
* Low negotiated Third Party Administrator (TPA) fees
* Transparent broker payments
* Reduced Affordable Care Act (ACA) taxes
* Unlike fully insured plans, you won’t be paying “profits” on top of claims


* Total transparency for rate setting: claims, fees, and voluntary add-ons
* Direct relationships with plan administrators
* Compare cost utilization, trends, and best practices with other member schools

Stop Loss Captive

* Pooled experience
* Larger group = better pricing and more predictability
* Non-profit insurance collaborative – the name says it all!
* Member schools set reserves and manage the captive and its services
* Potential for future dividends

How it works

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