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Tracy Hassett speaks at VCIA on 8-11-22

edHEALTH President & CEO Talks Advanced Medical Stop Loss at VCIA on August 11, 2022

Want to learn more about Captive Insurance? Join edHEALTH's President & CEO, Tracy Hassett, along with other industry leaders, talks about medical stop loss on Thursday, August 11th at ...

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What do consumers think about their employer-provided health coverage during the COVID-19 pandemic?

It’s a question that America's Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) asked in a recent survey that the Locust Street Group completed on behalf of AHIP Coverage@Work.According to the study: “The vast majority (75%) report that their coverage was important to maintaining the health and financial security of them and their families during the pandemic, with 71% reporting their plan helped access services like free testing, vaccination, and telehealth appointments.”The study also showed long-term support for telehealth:3 in 4 consumers (75%) report they’re likely to consider being seen by a doctor or treated via telehealth if it’s an option76% of respondents consider it important for plans to cover telehealth services79% believe it’s important for the federal government to maintain COVID-19 telehealth flexibilities for patientsCheck out this infographic with findings at a glance or read here for ...

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Discover summer safety tips to share, the value and cost of cell and gene therapy, and edHEALTH annual meeting news

In our summer newsletter, you'll findAn overview of the value and cost of cell and gene therapyShare-it downloads for promoting summer safety among employees, including telehealth while on vacationan edHEALTH annual meeting recap plus timely member-owner information Our member-owner schools also can find out who's leading the fifth annual Walking Challenge.Read the June 2022 digital edition of our newsletter.Subscribe to the newsletter.Photo by National Cancer Institute 

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Understanding the value and costs of cell and gene therapy

Understanding the value and costs of cell and gene therapyInnovation in health care is constant and is marked often by significant breakthrough treatments and cures. Not too long ago, we thought of the idea of altering a gene to cure or treat a disease to be science fiction. But, today, that concept is a reality as cell and gene therapies have quickly emerged as one of the most transformative innovations over the last few years and will continue well into the future. Cell and gene therapy represent overlapping fields of biomedical treatments with similar therapeutic goals, which target DNA and RNA inside and outside the human body. Both approaches seek to modify genetic material to improve functioning or fight disease. Specifically, gene therapy uses genetic material, or DNA, to manipulate a patient’s cells for the treatment of an inherited or acquired disease. While cell therapy is t...

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Supporting mental health awareness in the workplace should be year-round: Tips to help employers and more in our May newsletter

In our most recent newsletter, you'll learn:Why workplaces should support employees with mental health awareness year-roundHow telehealth continues to be an important resource when it comes to behavioral health servicesTips and resources to help reduce stress in the workplaceOur member-owner schools also learn about the June 6 kick-off of edHEALTH's fifth annual Walking Challenge and can download resources to inform employees about behavioral health access.Read the May 2022 digital edition of our newsletter.Subscribe to the newsletter.Photo by Emily Underworld.

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What are Biosimilars? Learn more about this emerging Rx trend and more in edHEALTH's April newsletter.

Read about: The emergence of biosimilars for curbing specialty costsGearing up for edHEALTH's 5th annual Walking ChallengeNews and tips for spring health and wellbeingSurvey results from last monthRead the April 2022 digital edition of our newsletterSubscribe to newsletterPhoto by Marcelo Leal

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edHEALTH talks healthcare trends in the Association of Independent Colleges and Universities in Massachusetts member newsletter

The Association of Independent Colleges and Universities in Massachusetts (AICU MASS) offered edHEALTH the opportunity to discuss one of the biggest trends facing schools today – healthcare and rising costs – in their most recent member newsletter. You can read our insights in their Hub of Higher Ed newsletter here.

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Read our latest newsletter - featuring why prescription costs are on the rise and much more

Learn about:The big picture when it comes to medication breakthroughs, their costs, and how we all play a role in trying to control costsedHEALTH's 3 new board members When edHEALTH's 2022 Walking Challenge takes placeThe newest team member at edHEALTHHow readers can help us improve by sharing their honest input with usRead the March 2022 digital edition of our newsletterSubscribe to newsletterPhoto by NordWood Themes

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edHEALTH Adds Three Board Members Brandeis University, College of the Holy Cross, and Wellesley College Represented

(March 22, 2022) - edHEALTH announced today three new members were elected to the edHEALTH LLC Board of Managers and the edHEALTH Insurance Exchange (edHEALTH Captive) Subscribers Advisory Committee. Joining the boards are: Marymichele Delaney, Chief Human Resources Officer at College of the Holy Cross, Melissa Fletcher, CPA, Assistant Vice President for Finance and Controller at Wellesley College, and Sam Solomon, Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer at Brandeis University.“Growing a strong and talented board has been a priority for us. We are very fortunate to have these three experienced people joining us on the boards where they will provide additional input, strategic guidance, and fiduciary oversight to edHEALTH LLC and edHEALTH Captive,” says Steve Hannabury, Chair of both the edHEALTH LLC Board of Managers and edHEALTH Captive Subscribers Advisory Committee.Marymichele is an ...

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Annual edHEALTH President Letter for Member-Owners

Dear Colleagues,Strength.  Resilience.  Support.  Collaboration.  Opportunity.  Hope.  Trust.  These are just a few of the words that come to my mind as we look ahead to 2022.  We are still facing incredibly challenging times with the ongoing pandemic and the realities of the uncertainties ahead.  The education industry has been hit particularly hard and yet, in large part due to its long-standing tradition of collaboration, will come out of this stronger than ever.edHEALTH continues to support our member-owners and your faculty, staff, and family members so that you can focus on the business of running your institution.  Below I share a look back at 2021 and look forward to 2022 and beyond.New Member-Owners! It is with great excitement that I welcome our two newest member-owners of edHEALTH:  College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, MA and St. Joseph’s College of Maine!  This brings o...

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Tracy Hassett Selected Vice Chair of the Vermont Captive Insurance Association

Educators Health Exchange President, Tracy Hassett, was selected Vice Chair by the Board of the Vermont Captive Insurance Association (VCIA). VCIA is the largest trade association for the captive industry and provides educational opportunities and legislative advocacy. As reported in October, Tracy is chairing the committee to identify the next president of the Association.“I’m honored that my fellow Board members voted to appoint me as the Vice Chair of VCIA,” said Tracy. “It’s an esteemed board to be working with and an exciting time for VCIA and the captive industry as a whole.”VCIA is the largest trade association for captive insurance in the world. Established in 1985, the Association provides lobbying support on both the state and federal levels for its nearly 500 member companies. It also hosts and supports professional education opportunities for the industry at large. Its 11-...

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Committees Gain Trend Perspectives and Explore Strategies to Drive Down Costs

Plan Design and Finance Committees Welcome New MembersTwo committees are instrumental for monitoring claims and developing solutions – the Finance/Controller and Plan Design (PDC) committees. Member school representatives, business partners, and the edHEALTH team meet regularly to stay on top of what’s happening for edHEALTH and the healthcare industry at large. The Finance/Controller Committee meets quarterly and the PDC meets monthly during the school year.PDC Kicks off New Year on January 11 with Over 10 New Members HR and benefits representatives from each member institution will kick off the new year on January 11 to begin planning benefit design options for 2023. With industry-wide 2022 projected jumps of 5%, the Committee will be evaluating a range of options to control medical and prescription drug spending. The Committee includes over 10 new member school HR representatives a...

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Share-it Employee Engagement Communications

edHEALTH provides share-it employee engagement communications to help member school employees navigate and maximize their healthcare benefits. Check out these helpful communication tools:Healthcare Benefit News and 5 Tools to Help You Navigate Your Benefits: Benefit News and 5 Tools to Help You Navigate Your Benefits.pdf | Online VersionHow to Save Money on Prescription Drug Costs: Tips to Save Money on Your Prescription Drug Costs.pdf | Online VersionWhat You Need to Know About Your Prescription Drug Formulary and Savings Opportunities for Specialty Medications: What You Need to Know About Your Prescription Drug Benefits Overview.pdf | Online VersionHealthcare Terms You Need to Know to Understand Your Options and Navigate Your Benefits: Healthcare Terms to Know Share-It Communication.pdf | Online versionPPO Members Can Access In-Network Providers Nationwide: PPO Members Can Access In...

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Point32Health Selects UnitedHealthcare as its National Network – What This Means to Tufts Health Plan and HPHC Members

Point32Health, the combined Tufts Health Plan and Harvard Pilgrim Health Care organization, selected UnitedHealthcare as its national network provider effective January 1, 2024. UnitedHealthcare is already the national provider for Harvard Pilgrim Health Care members, so there are no changes for Harvard Pilgrim Health Care members as the result of this announcement. Until 2024, Tufts Health Plan members will continue to use the nationwide Cigna network. Tufts Health Plan and HPHC members residing in New England access the plans’ networks of nearly 100K healthcare providers and all New England hospitals. For PPO members, the national carrier complements these networks outside of the service area. When visiting a doctor or hospital, the employee shows their edHEALTH health carrier ID card, which gives the provider the information they need for billing the plan administrator.

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Higher Ed HR Leaders Share 3 Benefits from edHEALTH Coalition That Helped Them Navigate the Pandemic

Three of our higher education institution HR leaders shared how the edHEALTH coalition helped them navigate the pandemic at the October Association for Collaborative Leadership (ACL) Conference. This interactive forum provided a roadmap for other higher education consortiums. Higher education was hit particularly hard during the pandemic, and edHEALTH pivoted from a growth and retention trajectory to collaboratively focus on the needs of our member institutions. edHEALTH’s Tracy Hassett led a discussion that focused on three strategies that helped member schools.1) Collaboration Forums for MembersRecognizing that collaboration between colleges and universities could help HR departments learn from one another, we implemented bi-weekly virtual meetings for member schools toward the end of March 2020. Average attendance ranged from 60-65 people, primarily HR and financial staff along wit...

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