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edHEALTH is the proven employee healthcare solution for educational institutions. Member-owners have realized approximately $155 million in savings since edHEALTH’s inception.


Photo courtesy of Boston College, a founding member-owner of edHEALTH.

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The principles we commit to


Results show our member-focused approach works. edHEALTH schools have realized approximately $155 million in savings since inception. Through our purchasing clout, we negotiate lower costs with less volatility than schools can access on their own. Person-centric clinical health initiatives help us improve quality of care and reduce costs for those who need it most. Employee satisfaction and savings schools can pass along to students and families are benefits of being a member-owner.


edHEALTH is a member-owned consortium run by and for its educational institutions. As a member, you share in the savings generated by the group. Member-owners control and have a meaningful say in the decision-making process. You'll enjoy direct access to plan administrators and multiple forums for sharing and learning from one another. Ask any of our members and they’ll tell you — collaboration is a key benefit of belonging to edHEALTH.


Health insurance works when employers have the data they need to make informed decisions. edHEALTH’s transparent approach means member educational institutions are apprised of all rate components. And, our collaborative approach enables colleges and universities to compare cost and utilization, trends, and best practices with other member schools.


edHEALTH is the innovative healthcare solution for higher education institutions and secondary schools along with their faculty, staff, and family members. Our self-insured healthcare offerings are tailored to meet the needs of our members. Through data analysis, advanced, person-centric programs, and decision support, we help educational institutions select programs that meet their needs while containing rising healthcare costs.

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Helping Higher Education Institutions Save Money on Their Employee Health Insurance Costs

edHEALTH helps higher education institutions and secondary schools save money on their employee health insurance costs, facilitates HR and finance collaboration, and uncovers innovation opportunities to improve health and value.

Our Members
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We help higher education institutions save money on faculty and staff healthcare costs

Our healthcare solutions help colleges, universities, and secondary schools save money so they can focus on their mission of educating students.

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This is what people say about us.

Wheaton College

Omaira Roy

Assistant Vice President for Human Resources, Wheaton College

edHEALTH is nimble, dependable, and an innovative partner.

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Boston College

John Burke

Financial Vice President and Treasurer, Boston College

The operating budget savings Boston College has realized on healthcare costs through edHEALTH have been beneficial to the...

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Wellesley College

Melissa Fletcher

Assistant Vice President for Finance and Controller, Wellesley College

We control healthcare costs and do so much more as part of edHEALTH. What I find unique is the collaboration among other...

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Salve Regina University

William Hall

Former Vice President for Administration & Chief Financial Officer

The money Salve Regina has saved on healthcare costs through edHEALTH has been greatly beneficial to our bottom line. Through...

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