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edHEALTH Plan Administrators Changing Their Names in 2020
Nov 20

Two of edHEALTH’s plan administrators are changing their names in 2020:

CoreSource, our national healthcare administrator, is changing its name to Trustmark Health Benefits effective January 1, 2020. The company is rebranding to better tie the health division’s name with the parent company, Trustmark Mutual Holding Company. There will be no other changes. Trustmark Health Benefits will continue to use a customized approach to determine which of their 60 carrier- and provider-owned networks best meet the needs of our new member schools.

BriovaRx, our specialty pharmacy vendor, is changing its name to Optum® Specialty Pharmacy in 2020. They have begun rolling out this change, which will continue into 2020. The new name is in keeping with the Optum parent company name. There will be no changes for existing BriovaRx members to benefits, services, or the phone number. Both of the following websites will remain active for the foreseeable future: BriovaRx and Optum's specialty pharmacy siteIf and when the website address changes, Optum will redirect the member to the new site and let them know if they need to take any action.

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