A stop watch can help you pick up your pace
Find Out Why Walking is a Healthy Habit
Jul 6

The edHEALTH Walking Challenge ended Sunday, July 4, but you’ll want to keep walking long after the program’s conclusion.  A brisk walk provides multiple benefits according to Harvard Health Publishing:

  • Promotes weight loss
  • Reduces stress and tension
  • Prevents or manages conditions including heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, cancer, and type 2 diabetes
  • Strengthens bones and muscles
  • Improves muscle endurance, balance and coordination
  • Enhances cardiovascular fitness
  • Increases energy levels
  • Improves mood, cognition, memory, and sleep
  • Strengthens immune system

One way to boost these benefits is to work your way up to faster walking. Another option is to practice interval training where you pick up the pace, drop down to a more leisurely pace, and then pick up the pace again. You can use a stop watch or markers on your route, such as the next side street, to keep you on track.

See our Share-it Employee Engagement Communications for other walking challenge updates and tips.

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