Strategic Review
First Annual Strategic Reviews are Informative and Help Set Stage for Future Initiatives
Aug 4

In the spring, edHEALTH initiated its first ever annual strategic reviews with our first 13 member schools. These meetings gave edHEALTH, each school, and their advisor an opportunity to review financial trends, initiatives, data insights, and benchmark comparisons. The comparisons helped to identify strategic opportunities.

“These forums provided a great opportunity to meet one-on-one with the original member owners of edHEALTH to discuss their success, savings, and programs,” said edHEALTH President, Tracy Hassett. “By meeting with the schools individually along with their advisors, it helps ensure we all are on the same page.”

Our customized reports provided valuable insights for these discussions:

  • edHEALTH financial results since becoming a member-owner
  • Benchmarking on working rates and stop-loss rates
  • A savings analysis
  • Self-insured retention level analysis 
  • Per member per month (PMPM) comparison
  • Population risk analysis
  • Program participation
  • Opportunities for added savings

edHEALTH plans to roll this initiative out next spring to our other schools that have been members at least four years. “This is an exciting initiative that helps us collaboratively identify future strategic initiatives,” said Nancy McConaghy, edHEALTH’s Business Development Executive. “We encourage all who participated this first year to send us your feedback so we can continue to enhance the Annual Strategic Review.”

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