How to survive the pandemic: The team shares our strategies and supports local food pantries
Dec 14

Food, binging favorite shows, self-care, appreciating what we have, and giving back are some of the ways the edHEALTH team is getting through these difficult times. All of us are missing in-person interaction with family, colleagues, and friends. New demands and increased anxiety are draining. edHEALTH president Tracy Hassett’s first grandchild was born in April and lives on the West Coast. Operations Manager Cindy Bartelson is juggling full-time work and family responsibilities. Her children are ages 2, 9, and 14, and she and her husband are managing remote learning. Executive Assistant Claire O’Sullivan’s son is a first responder, which causes worry. Marketing Communications Strategist Cindy McGrath’s parents live in a large retirement community, and she’s only been able to see them in fits and starts. Like all of us, Business Development Executive Nancy McConaghy misses spending time with friends and family – including attending her niece and nephew’s sporting events.

Comfort Food and Giving Back to Local Food Pantries

Despite these challenges, we all feel fortunate that we can telecommute and enjoy the necessities of life. At a recent staff meeting, we talked about our favorite foods, and collectively felt that rising rates of hunger is an urgent need. Instead of exchanging gifts, we each donated money to our local food pantries. “Food insecurity is an urgent need,” said Tracy. “I’m so proud of our team and that together we are helping those in need. We hope to make this an annual tradition.”

Appreciation and Self-Care is Helping us Cope

We’re all getting outside more, which is lifting our spirits. “I’m appreciating what’s in my back yard as it’s the only place I can be,” said Claire. “Getting outside to enjoy nature during a long walk has been beneficial,” said Nancy. In her capacity as president, Tracy used to travel a lot. “I have more time to take care of myself as I’m not on the road,” she said. “I’m exercising, meditating, and eating better.” Cindy McGrath enjoys interval training outdoors and has added yoga to her routine. “Although I’m no yogi, I am noticing improved flexibility and less pain.” Cindy Bartelson is relishing time with her children, and her two-year old son especially. “The toddler time goes by so quickly, and one upside of daycare being closed is that I get more time with him,” she said.

Binge Show Recommendations

Like most people, we are all enjoying some show binging. Here are our favorites:

  • Tracy: The Queen’s Gambit; HGTV and DIY for home decorating and renovation ideas
  • Cindy M: Schitt’s Creek and Broadchurch – the humor, empathy, and positivity of Schitt's Creek are perfect for these times, and Broadchurch is an off the beaten path crime drama
  • Nancy: The Crown for the history and costumes
  • Claire: Ozark and the Crown – a combination of trashy and classy
  • Cindy B: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Chopped on the Food Network, and the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

Do you have binge show recommendations for the edHEALTH community? We’ll share them in a future newsletter.

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