Walking is Keeping Us Sane and Healthy
How Walking Helps Keep the edHEALTH Team Sane and Healthy
Feb 8

Although it’s cold, walking is a safe exercise option during the pandemic so the edHEALTH team is making a point of getting outside. We’re finding it’s good for our minds and bodies. “Walking has kept me sane,” said edHEALTH President, Tracy Hassett. “Between feeling the fresh air and actually seeing people, it’s been liberating.” Executive Assistant Claire O’Sullivan says walking helps clear out the cobwebs, and Operations Manager, Cindy Bartelson, enjoys feeling the sunshine when it’s out. Marketing Communications Strategist, Cindy McGrath, welcomes the opportunity that walking provides to safely catch up with friends in person. “Exercising is a great distraction from the pandemic,” said Nancy McConaghy, Business Development Executive.

Three of the five of us like walking in the late afternoon, although Claire prefers early morning when it’s warm out. Weather permitting, she walks at least three miles every day. Nancy walks four days a week and Cindy B walks every day when the weather is nice. Tracy walks between meetings during the workweek and late morning on the weekends. She gets out six days a week for two to six miles per day. Cindy M walks early in the day or at lunchtime. “When my creative juices are low, taking a brisk walk is reenergizing,” she says. If walking isn’t her main exercise of the day, she walks for 10-15 minutes unless it’s bitter cold.

All of us walk in our respective neighborhoods. Here are other favorite spots to walk:

  • Cindy B - to the farm stand and on the bike path.
  • Tracy - the East Bay Bike Path
  • Nancy – the Easy Bay Bike Path and along Narragansett Bay
  • Cindy M – Blue Hills with friends and Castle Island with my sons

Claire - Rocky Woods in Medfield, Hale Reservation in Westwood, and Millennium Park in West Roxbury. She notes that these days walking is so popular that it’s sometimes difficult to keep a safe distance from others on these trails

Check out our five walking tips. Let us know where you are walking this winter. We’ll share them in a future newsletter.

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