Tracy Hassett and Tom Brady
Passionate About Football - Tracy Hassett Shares Everyday Lessons for edHEALTH
Mar 17

edHEALTH’s President and CEO, Tracy Hassett, has been an avid football fan since she was young. It’s a sport she’s shared with her dad over the years. They watched games on television together when she was a child. As an adult, they share it by phone. Every time the New England Patriots score a touchdown, they call each other. “There’s a lot of aspects about football that I apply to our work at edHEALTH,” said Tracy.

Keeping it Fun

One of Tracy’s favorite football traditions is the buildup to a game. She equates every Sunday to a holiday. “You listen to interviews with the players all week, figure out the food you want to cook and which team clothes you’re going to wear,” she said. Similarly, she likes to keep it fun at work. Even on Zoom, she knows how to keep it light so that the business of work is a pleasure. “It’s a joy to work on a project with our team, member schools, and business partners. The journey is part of the fun.”

Rooting for the Team

A life-long Patriots fan, Tracy was disappointed that Tom Brady left for Tampa. The recent struggles of the team make it difficult to stay excited, but she still watches the games. She has a personal reason to root for the New Orleans Saints. Her son works in media production for the team and is on the field during games conducting interviews and filming. “While historically I’ve been a Patriots fan, I can’t but help be excited to see my kid on the field with a really respected team,” says Tracy. 

Tracy also follows the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, where Tom Brady and Rob Gronkoski now play. She’s also a fan of the Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes. Of course, her favorite team is edHEALTH. “We have the best team, members, and Board,” said Tracy. 

Building Special Memories

For her father’s 80th birthday, Tracy brought her dad to a Patriots game. “It was the first game in memory where we didn’t talk on the phone – we enjoyed it instead in person,” said Tracy. She says it was one of the most incredible days of her life. At another game, she met Tom Brady and several other Patriots players. “It was a thrill to meet Tom Brady and get photographed with him,” she said.

edHEALTH firsts also stand out for Tracy: collaborating with the Boston Consortium for Higher Education on how to bend the healthcare cost curve for higher education; joining edHEALTH as president; launching the organization in 2013; meeting with and welcoming new member higher education institutions and secondary schools; distributing dividend checks to member owners; and implementing cutting-edge initiatives and programs along the way. “I love my job,” said Tracy. “Although not every day is a winning day, most days are rewarding and a lot of fun.”

Each Team Member Has a Role but Pitches in to Get the Job Done

Each football player has a specific role, but it takes the entire team to get the job done. “Like any team on the field or in the office, everybody on the edHEALTH team has a role, but must be nimble enough to step in to do whatever it takes to win,” said Tracy. 

Here are Tracy’s picks for the player role of each edHEALTH team member:

  • Quarterback – Tracy Hassett
  • Tight End – Nancy McConaghy, who oversees membership growth and retention
  • Strong Safety – Cindy Bartelson, who manages edHEALTH’s day-to-day activities
  • Linebacker – Claire O’Sullivan, who manages the president’s calendar and coordinates meetings and events
  • Kicker – Cindy McGrath, who propels edHEALTH’s mission and visibility through a variety of communications

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