Access telehealth benefits if you are feeling sick
What to Do if You Have Symptoms of COVID-19
Mar 17

For the benefit of all, if you have COVID-19 symptoms, access your telehealth benefits to see whether you need screening. By using a phone or computer, you’ll receive guidance about whether you need to be seen or tested while freeing up other clinicians to deal with the most severe cases in person. With telehealth:

  • You can receive quality medical care without leaving your home. Virtual care is a highly effective method to evaluate and treat symptoms while minimizing exposure to potentially contagious viruses.
  • If you think you are infected, telehealth doctors can answer questions about the disease, evaluate your risk, and advise you on next steps. Telemedicine doctors are trained on the latest protocols for local and national notification, testing, and management.
  • If you are not already infected, you increase your risk of catching the disease by visiting your doctor, urgent care, or emergency room.
  • For most member school employees, using telehealth benefits will have no or lower out-of-pocket costs than an office visit.

Take advantage of your telehealth benefits if you think you have COVID-19 symptoms:

If you prefer to contact your physician, call first so your doctor’s office can arrange for the appropriate protocols to safely receive, assess, test, and treat you without risking further exposure or transmission.

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