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Advisors partner with edHEALTH for their clients

Advisors Collaborate With edHEALTH Team to Identify Solutions for Their Clients

Savings Drive Consultant Recommendations to edHEALTHThe primary reason a health insurance consultant recommends edHEALTH ...

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3 Steps to Find Out How Much Your School Will Save on Employee Health Benefits

There’s new urgency in finding ways to cut spending at higher education institutions and secondary schools. Compensation and benefits generally comprise at least 60% of a school’s budget; finding ways to reduce employee health insurance costs is an effective strategy for containing costs without sacrificing the quality of your benefits package.edHEALTH’s group purchasing power can generate significant savings on three key components of your employee healthcare benefit costs:Stop-loss coverageAdministrative feesPrescription drug benefits“If schools want to evaluate the savings they will realize by joining edHEALTH on January 1, we encourage them to start the process in June,” said Nancy McConaghy, edHEALTH’s Business Development Executive. “This helps ensure a seamless experience for the school, its faculty, and staff.”If your school is not on a January 1 plan year, edHEALTH will work ...

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Share-it Employee Engagement Communications

edHEALTH provides share-it employee engagement communications to help member school employees navigate and maximize their healthcare benefits. Check out these helpful communication tools:PPO Members Can Access In-Network Providers Nationwide: PPO Members Can Access In-Network Providers Nationwide.pdf | Online VersionWatch the May 4 "7 Essential Health Habits" Lunch and Learn program - available until June 7 (password - ask your HR department) What You Need to Know About Your January 1 Benefit Changes: January 1 2021 Rx Benefit Changes.pdf | Online VersionHow to Save Money on Prescription Drug Costs: How to save money on Rx share-it communication.pdf | Online VersionHealthcare Terms You Need to Know to Understand Your Options: Healthcare Terms - Share-it Communications.pdf | Online versionTips for Navigating COVID-19: Tips for Navigating COVID-19.pdf | Online versionTake advantage of t...

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April 2021 edHEALTH Newsletter

Find out:How to Unlock Additional Savings if You’re a Go-it-Alone Self-Insured Healthcare PurchaserInformation on edHEALTH’s May 26 Thought Leadership SeminarDetails on edHEALTH’s 4th Annual Walking ChallengeHow member school employees can access participating providers nationwideRead the April 2021 digital edition of our newsletterDownload the April 2021 edHEALTH Newsletter.pdfSubcribe to newsletter

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Did You Know That All edHEALTH PPO Members Enjoy Access to In-Network Providers?

Did you know that all member school faculty and staff have access to in-network healthcare providers regardless of where they live? Employees enrolled in any of edHEALTH’s PPO options can visit network doctors, hospitals, and other healthcare providers throughout the United States. This benefit is particularly helpful as higher education institutions modify their work-from-home and residency policies.Increase in Out-of-Area EmployeesThe burst in work-from-home arrangements during the pandemic has changed where and how people work – perhaps permanently. PwC’s March 2021 Pulse Survey found that almost a quarter of employees are considering or planning to move more than 50 miles away from the office; this is on top of the 12% of employees who have already made such a move since the start of the pandemic. Additionally, remote work arrangements allow schools to hire staff from further away...

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How to Unlock Additional Savings if You’re a Go-it-Alone Self-Insured Healthcare Purchaser

Wentworth Institute of Technology VP of Finance and Consultant Share Their AdviceSelf-insurance wasn’t a novel approach for Wentworth Institute of Technology’s employee health insurance program. They self-funded the program over twenty years ago, well before it became common practice. “Wentworth had been self-insured for many years before joining edHEALTH,” said Wentworth’s Vice President of Finance and CFO, Bob Totino. “This arrangement saves the school from paying profits on top of claims to the health insurance administrators."On average, compensation and benefits make up 60% of higher education budgets and fiscal departments are keen to find new solutions for reining in costs. "Wentworth Institute of Technology discovered edHEALTH through our participation in The New England Educators Insurance Association (NEEIA), a group of seven private higher educational institutions that coll...

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