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We team up with higher education presidents, human resources (HR), and financial officers (CFOs) to provide a top notch healthcare solution. All team members have deep healthcare and employee benefits expertise. Each person brings a unique set of skills to ensure that edHEALTH is the preferred healthcare solution for your faculty, staff, and family members.

Cindy McGrath

Marketing Communications Strategist

Cynthia (Cindy) McGrath is edHEALTH’s Marketing Communications Strategist. In this role, she is responsible for propelling edHEALTH’s mission and visibility through a variety of digital and print communications.

Cindy joined edHEALTH as a permanent team member in July 2020, having worked as a marketing communication consultant to the organization throughout the previous year. In addition to edHEALTH, Cindy was a marketing communications advisor to several healthcare, broker, and education clients. Prior to her consulting work, she was the long-time Communications Director for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Group Insurance Commission, the agency that covers state and municipal workers, including UMass and the community college system. In this role, she communicated and advanced innovative healthcare solutions that have subsequently been widely adopted in the industry, such as tiering providers based on quality and cost efficiency, and promoting limited network plans. She serves on the Board of Directors for the New England Employee Benefits Council and is Vice Chair of the Town of Norwood's Personnel Board.

Cindy enjoys interval training, cycling, walking, and Pilates. Drinking coffee while reading the newspaper, appreciating a good book, laughing with friends, catching up with her parents, and listening to interesting podcasts are among her favorite pastimes. Her happy place is Martha’s Vineyard, and she and her husband visit whenever they get the chance. Their two sons live in the Boston area, and it brings much joy when they get together.

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