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Why Vermont? edHEALTH’s Captive Management Leader Explains the Benefits

Oct 7

David White Inquiring minds want to know: Why is edHEALTH’s stop-loss subsidiary, Educators Health Insurance Exchange, based in Vermont? David White, Vice President for American International Group’s (AIG’s) U.S. Captive Management Servic... Read Full Post

How edHEALTH Uses Data to Drive Innovation

Jan 14

On Thursday, August 7, 2019, edHEALTH President Tracy Hassett participated in a discussion about how captives continue to innovate to provide coverage and services. Coordinated by A.M. BestTV, she was joined by John Andre, managing director of ... Read Full Post

How edHEALTH’s Captive Risk Financing Options Work

Nov 22

edHEALTH's Captive Risk Management Options Under edHEALTH’s captive, member organizations pick their own self-insured retention level based on their risk tolerance, philosophy, financial status, and experience. In addition to the stop-loss coverage schools automatically receive, t... Read Full Post

The ABCs of Captive Insurance

Nov 20

ABCs of Captive Insurance Twenty-two colleges, universities, and educational institutions own Educators Health, LLC (edHEALTH), a healt... Read Full Post