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Prevalence of Diabetes Growing: Chronic, Costly, and Deadly Disease Takes Toll on Patients and Payers

Oct 15

Diabetes is a costly and chronic disease If you attended edHEALTH’s Annual Meeting, you saw the visual impact of diabetes in the United States. The prevalence has skyrocketed between 1990s and today, according to the Read Full Post

Wentworth Takes Home the Walking Challenge Prize

Sep 30

Cindy Bartelson presents Walking Challenge Trophy to WIT's Margaret Card This year’s “Walk This Way Walking Challenge” was an overwhelming success. Fifteen member colleges and universities participated in the four-week challenge. Over 750 employees walked more than 200 million steps over the four-w... Read Full Post

April 2019 Newsletter

Apr 12

edHEALTH April 2019 newsletter Read the April 2019 edHEALTH newsletter to find out how we're beating the healthcare cost curve, adding members, and expa... Read Full Post

Population Health Helps Improve Quality and Reduce Costs

Feb 4

Population health programs improve quality and reduce costs CINDY MCGRATH | February 4, 2019How do we go about improving care for our employees while reducing costs? That’s the conundrum facing most employer healthcare purchasers. According to HCMS Group, edHEALTH’s data warehouse, 5%... Read Full Post

Collaborating to Cut Costs in Higher Education: Can It Be Done?

Feb 27

Collaboration bends healthcare cost curve in higher education TRACY HASSETT | February 27, 2017from New England Board of Higher Education JournalWhile collaboration takes time, there is strong evidence that it is necessary for bending the rising healthcare cost trends experienced by... Read Full Post

Who Knew?

Oct 31

Who Knew? TRACY HASSETT | October 31, 2016When we started edHEALTH three ago, I never imagined I’d be an employee of edHEALTH, that we’d reach so many of our goals so quickly, that we’d have a website, or that... Read Full Post