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Beware of the Hidden Effects of Reduced 2020 Healthcare Costs: Bold Solutions Can Help Address These Challenges

Nov 12

Healthcare Costs Dropped Dramatically This Spring BY CYNTHIA MCGRATH | NOVEMBER 12, 2020Amidst the pain, anxiety, and budget hits caused by the coronavirus, one bright spot has been reduced healthcare spending. Medical claims dropped precipitously as provider groups closed or limited th... Read Full Post

Actuaries’ Advice: Don't Leave Money on the Table

Nov 10

Don't Leave Money on the Table: Self-Insurance Saves Money Educational institutions with fully insured health insurance arrangements for their employees are leaving money on the table, according to Steven Keshner, Senior Vice President and Chief Actuary with Read Full Post

Teetering at the Precipice of Anxiety and Depression Crisis – How Can HR Respond?

Oct 7

Depression and Anxiety are Skyrocketing BY CYNTHIA MCGRATH | OCTOBER 7, 2020The Trends and Why They Could Get WorseThe pandemic has upended everyone’s life and the strains are showing in the escalating rates of anxiety and depression. In March, 32% of U.S. adult... Read Full Post

5 Reasons Why 2021 Healthcare Costs will be Volatile: edHEALTH Takes Strategic Approach to Address These Challenges

Aug 25

5 Reasons Why 2021 Healthcare Costs will be Volatile BY CYNTHIA MCGRATH | AUGUST 25, 2020Healthcare Cost Trends and ChallengesSince the COVID-19 pandemic hit the United States in force in March, there’s been a dramatic impact on... Read Full Post

Healthcare Costs Have Plummeted; What’s Next?

Jun 24

KFF May 2020 Tracking Poll As the medical community sought to increase hospital capacity to serve COVID-19 patients, reduce the spread of COVID-19, and follow social distancing mandates, medical claims volume dropped precipitously. Many patients elected to forego or dela... Read Full Post

Five Employer Healthcare Strategy Trends to Consider

Feb 18

What's Next BY CYNTHIA MCGRATH | FEBRUARY 18, 2020Tackling rising costs and gaps in healthcare quality remains a challenge. One of the hottest trends over the last few years to address these needs – high-deductible plans and cons... Read Full Post

Population Health Helps Improve Quality and Reduce Costs

Feb 4

Population health programs improve quality and reduce costs BY CYNTHIA MCGRATH | February 4, 2019How do we go about improving care for our employees while reducing costs? That’s the conundrum facing most employer healthcare purchasers. According to HCMS Group (dba Workpartners), edHEALTH&rs... Read Full Post

Collaborating to Cut Costs in Higher Education: Can It Be Done?

Feb 27

Collaboration bends healthcare cost curve in higher education TRACY HASSETT | February 27, 2017from New England Board of Higher Education JournalWhile collaboration takes time, there is strong evidence that it is necessary for bending the rising healthcare cost trends experienced by... Read Full Post

Who Knew?

Oct 31

Who Knew? TRACY HASSETT | October 31, 2016When we started edHEALTH three ago, I never imagined I’d be an employee of edHEALTH, that we’d reach so many of our goals so quickly, that we’d have a website, or that... Read Full Post
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