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Understanding the value and costs of cell and gene therapy

Understanding the value and costs of cell and gene therapyInnovation in health care is constant and is marked often by significant breakthrough treatments and cures. Not too long ago, we thought of the idea of altering a gene to cure or treat a disease to be science fiction. But, today, that concept is a reality as cell and gene therapies have quickly emerged as one of the most transformative innovations over the last few years and will continue well into the future. Cell and gene therapy represent overlapping fields of biomedical treatments with similar therapeutic goals, which target DNA and RNA inside and outside the human body. Both approaches seek to modify genetic material to improve functioning or fight disease. Specifically, gene therapy uses genetic material, or DNA, to manipulate a patient’s cells for the treatment of an inherited or acquired disease. While cell therapy is t...

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Supporting mental health awareness in the workplace should be year-round: Tips to help employers and more in our May newsletter

In our most recent newsletter, you'll learn:Why workplaces should support employees with mental health awareness year-roundHow telehealth continues to be an important resource when it comes to behavioral health servicesTips and resources to help reduce stress in the workplaceOur member-owner schools also learn about the June 6 kick-off of edHEALTH's fifth annual Walking Challenge and can download resources to inform employees about behavioral health access.Read the May 2022 digital edition of our newsletter.Subscribe to the newsletter.Photo by Emily Underworld.

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What are Biosimilars? Learn more about this emerging Rx trend and more in edHEALTH's April newsletter.

Read about: The emergence of biosimilars for curbing specialty costsGearing up for edHEALTH's 5th annual Walking ChallengeNews and tips for spring health and wellbeingSurvey results from last monthRead the April 2022 digital edition of our newsletterSubscribe to newsletterPhoto by Marcelo Leal

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More on the Rx Front: The slow emergence in the U.S. of biosimilars for curbing specialty costs

Last month we highlighted how both cost and utilization are increasing when it comes to prescription drugs. Much of the increase is due to the rise in specialty medications. This trend is national, across all industries, and continues to be of great concern. The rising costs of medications result in potential barriers for patients’ ability to afford and/or access the drugs they need to be as well as possible.Related to the surge in specialty medications—which often means patients receiving very expensive yet effective, life-altering biologic therapies—it’s helpful to know about the biosimilars that are emerging slowly on the market.Here is some background on this valuable drug product option, which you can expect to read more about in the coming months and years.Defining biosimilarsThe Public Health Safety Act defines biosimilarity to mean, “The biological product is highly similar to...

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edHEALTH talks healthcare trends in the Association of Independent Colleges and Universities in Massachusetts member newsletter

The Association of Independent Colleges and Universities in Massachusetts (AICU MASS) offered edHEALTH the opportunity to discuss one of the biggest trends facing schools today – healthcare and rising costs – in their most recent member newsletter. You can read our insights in their Hub of Higher Ed newsletter here.

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Join us on Monday, May 9th at 10 AM for our Virtual Thought Leadership Series: Wellness Programs - Perception vs. Reality - featuring Leena Johns, MD

Now more than ever. employers need to look at reality over perception and understand the true data of their employees and covered family members’ healthcare utilization. Dr. Johns looks at the health of our populations in a realistic way - one that focuses on human actions and supporting data to improve the value of wellness programs. With her Captive-perspective and focus on the whole person and data analytics, Dr. Johns, will help us to rethink the design of wellness programs and how to make the most of them. Join us to discover:Why we need to shift from reactive to proactive careWhy preventative care with a focus on changing individual behavior should be front and centerHow healthcare is changing because of the COVID-19 pandemicEveryone is invited! Sign up here now.About Leena Johns, MDDr. Leena Johns’ particular area of interest is health data analytics. In her role as Head of Hea...

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