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Aug 10


August 2021 | August 2021 edHEALTH newsletter.pdfHow the First Annual Strategic Reviews Will Inform Future InitiativesWhy it Takes a Systemic Approach to Ensure Healthcare Equity in Keeping with Diversity and Inclusion GoalsResults from the 2021 edHEALTH Walking ChallengeWhere to Access Claims and Financial ReportsMay 2021 | May 2021 edHEALTH newsletter.pdfHow advisors collaborate with the edHEALTH team to identify solutions for their clientsWhy the May 26 Thought Leadership Seminar is a not-to-be-missed eventThe 3 Steps to Find Out How Much Your School Will Save on Employee Health BenefitsWhy COVID-19 mandatory vaccines at colleges and universities are controversial and how our member schools are proceedingApril 2021 | April 2021 edHEALTH Newsletter.pdfHow to Unlock Additional Savings if You’re a Go-it-Alone Self-Insured Healthcare PurchaserInformation on edHEALTH’s May 26 Thought Le...

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9 Tips to Keep You Walking After the edHEALTH Challenge

Jul 12

Tips for Walking

Although the edHEALTH Walking Challenge has ended, it’s an ideal time of year to keep your steps up. Walking is healthy, convenient, and boosts your energy and mood. Your activity tracker can inspire you to make progress. Whether you walk for enjoyment, to reduce cholesterol, lower blood pressure, strengthen your bones, or lose weight, here are nine steps to keep you fit and motivated:Invest in good sneakers – comfortable sneakers that fit properly will help you avoid blisters and calluses. Look for athletic shoes with a good arch, a supportive heel, and cushioned, flexible soles that help absorb shock. Depending on how frequently you walk, replace your sneakers every three to six months.Wear appropriate clothing – wear comfortable clothing that’s appropriate for the weather. Don a hat and apply sunscreen to protect yourself during the day. For hot days, bring along water to stay hydr...

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5 Reasons to Add Strength Training to Your Exercise Routine

Jun 30

demonstration of a plank - use your body weight for strength training

Do you want to reduce body fat, increase lean muscle mass, and burn calories more efficiently? Add strength training to your exercise regimen. Lean muscle mass decreases with age and strength training helps you offset this loss. According to Mayo Health, strength training can also help:Increase bone density and reduce risk of osteoporosisLose or manage weightImprove balance and protect joints from injuryReduce signs and symptoms of depression, arthritis, back pain, heart disease, and diabetesImprove thinking and learning skillsYou may think you have to go to a gym to practice strength training. It’s true that if you want to use weight machines or cable suspension training, such as TRX, a gym will have a variety of equipment. However, you also have options at home:Barbells, dumbbells, medicine balls, and kettle balls: Look for sales at a sporting goods store, online, many department st...

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Find Out Why Walking is a Healthy Habit

Jul 6

A stop watch can help you pick up your pace

The edHEALTH Walking Challenge ended Sunday, July 4, but you’ll want to keep walking long after the program’s conclusion.  A brisk walk provides multiple benefits according to Harvard Health Publishing:Promotes weight lossReduces stress and tensionPrevents or manages conditions including heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, cancer, and type 2 diabetesStrengthens bones and musclesImproves muscle endurance, balance and coordinationEnhances cardiovascular fitnessIncreases energy levelsImproves mood, cognition, memory, and sleepStrengthens immune systemOne way to boost these benefits is to work your way up to faster walking. Another option is to practice interval training where you pick up the pace, drop down to a more leisurely pace, and then pick up the pace again. You can use a stop watch or markers on your route, such as the next side street, to keep you on track.See our Share-...

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Passionate About Football - Tracy Hassett Shares Everyday Lessons for edHEALTH

Mar 17

Tracy Hassett and Tom Brady

edHEALTH’s President and CEO, Tracy Hassett, has been an avid football fan since she was young. It’s a sport she’s shared with her dad over the years. They watched games on television together when she was a child. As an adult, they share it by phone. Every time the New England Patriots score a touchdown, they call each other. “There’s a lot of aspects about football that I apply to our work at edHEALTH,” said Tracy.Keeping it FunOne of Tracy’s favorite football traditions is the buildup to a game. She equates every Sunday to a holiday. “You listen to interviews with the players all week, figure out the food you want to cook and which team clothes you’re going to wear,” she said. Similarly, she likes to keep it fun at work. Even on Zoom, she knows how to keep it light so that the business of work is a pleasure. “It’s a joy to work on a project with our team, member schools, and busine...

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How Walking Helps Keep the edHEALTH Team Sane and Healthy

Feb 8

Walking is Keeping Us Sane and Healthy

Although it’s cold, walking is a safe exercise option during the pandemic so the edHEALTH team is making a point of getting outside. We’re finding it’s good for our minds and bodies. “Walking has kept me sane,” said edHEALTH President, Tracy Hassett. “Between feeling the fresh air and actually seeing people, it’s been liberating.” Executive Assistant Claire O’Sullivan says walking helps clear out the cobwebs, and Operations Manager, Cindy Bartelson, enjoys feeling the sunshine when it’s out. Marketing Communications Strategist, Cindy McGrath, welcomes the opportunity that walking provides to safely catch up with friends in person. “Exercising is a great distraction from the pandemic,” said Nancy McConaghy, Business Development Executive.Three of the five of us like walking in the late afternoon, although Claire prefers early morning when it’s warm out. Weather permitting, she walks at...

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2020 in Review and Looking Ahead

Jan 13

Polina Kovaleva 2021 image

Dear Colleagues,Finally, it’s 2021!What a challenging year 2020 was for the education industry. COVID-19 placed immense financial burdens on educational institutions as student and on-campus housing enrollments declined, costs associated with COVID testing and online learning increased, and other revenue streams dried up. Finance and Human Resources departments were on the frontline in helping to bring costs down. Furloughs, layoffs, early retirement incentives, and benefit cuts were considered or implemented.Pivoting to Support MembersAppreciating the strain our member institutions were under and that schools interested in joining edHEALTH didn’t have the bandwidth to do so, edHEALTH pivoted from a growth to a member support mode. We strove to support members and their faculty and staff financially, strategically, and emotionally – and the collaboration was a balm for all of us.Colla...

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For the First Time, Plan Designs Informed by High-Performance Analysis

Dec 14

Population health initiative reaps better care and value

One of edHEALTH’s strategic initiatives is population health – working together to improve our member schools’ faculty, staff, and family health outcomes to bend the healthcare cost curve. Almost three years ago, we contracted with HCMS, our data warehouse now called Workpartners, to provide a person-centric clinical program for patients with complex healthcare needs. This year, Workpartners began analyzing edHEALTH’s data for plan design purposes. These initiatives are translating into quantifiable results for our member owners and their employees.“What started as a need for data warehouse capabilities has grown into a strategic partnership for making data-driven decisions,” said A. Tracy Hassett, edHEALTH’s president and CEO.2021 Plan Designs Informed by In-Depth AnalysisIn the spring, Workpartners conducted a deep dive into edHEALTH’s suite of plan design options. This analysis com...

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