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Aug 10

October 2021 | October 2021 edHEALTH newsletter.pdf

  • How moving to self-insurance and edHEALTH will benefit the College of Holy Cross
  • Why employers must focus on employee mental health
  • What’s next for the Harvard Pilgrim Health Care and Tufts Health Plan merger
  • How edHEALTH is involved in the search for a new president of the Vermont Captive Insurance Association
  • Which forums you won’t want to miss

September 2021 | September 2021 newsletter.pdf

  • How a mobile ambulance service provided terrific care at low costs to one of our member school employees
  • Who is speaking at this year’s annual member-owner meeting
  • Why the clinical intervention program is effective
  • Which conferences edHEALTH is speaking at
  • How edHEALTH’s website has been enhanced

August 2021 | August 2021 edHEALTH newsletter.pdf

  • How the First Annual Strategic Reviews Will Inform Future Initiatives
  • Why it Takes a Systemic Approach to Ensure Healthcare Equity in Keeping with Diversity and Inclusion Goals
  • Results from the 2021 edHEALTH Walking Challenge
  • Where to Access Claims and Financial Reports

May 2021 | May 2021 edHEALTH newsletter.pdf

  • How advisors collaborate with the edHEALTH team to identify solutions for their clients
  • Why the May 26 Thought Leadership Seminar is a not-to-be-missed event
  • The 3 Steps to Find Out How Much Your School Will Save on Employee Health Benefits
  • Why COVID-19 mandatory vaccines at colleges and universities are controversial and how our member schools are proceeding

April 2021 | April 2021 edHEALTH Newsletter.pdf

  • How to Unlock Additional Savings if You’re a Go-it-Alone Self-Insured Healthcare Purchaser
  • Information on edHEALTH’s May 26 Thought Leadership Seminar
  • Details on edHEALTH’s 4th Annual Walking Challenge
  • How member school employees can access participating providers nationwide

March 2021 | March 2021 newsletter.pdf

  • How HR's Role Become More Interesting and Rewarding After Joining edHEALTH
  • Why it’s a Challenge to Control Rising Healthcare Costs
  • Details on New Complimentary Lunch and Learn Series for Faculty and Staff
  • How Football Holds Everyday Lessons for edHEALTH

February 2021 | February 2021 Newsletter.pdf

  • How partnerships and collaboration are helpful strategies during the crisis and beyond – from the “Chronicle of Higher Education”
  • Boston College’s Financial VP’s perspective on why joining a captive is a sound financial strategy for higher education and secondary school institutions
  • How to hear Dr. Stuart Altman’s perspective (Sol C. Chaikin Professor of National Health Policy at The Heller School for Social Policy and Management at Brandeis University) and insights about the changing landscape of the healthcare system in Washington and in state capitols
  • Why walking is keeping the edHEALTH team sane and healthy

December 2020 | December 2020 Newsletter.pdf

  • 3 Proven Ways to Help Members Navigate the Pandemic – published in the December 2020 edition of Risk Retention Reporter
  • How Plan Designs were Informed by High-Performance Analysis
  • Tips for Surviving the Pandemic from the edHEALTH Team
  • What the Team is Doing for the Holidays in Place of Exchanging Gifts
  • How to Effectively Engage Your Employees

November 2020 | November 2020 edHEALTH newsletter.pdf

  • The hidden effects of reduced 2020 healthcare costs and bold solutions that can help address the financial challenges ahead
  • Why educational institutions with fully insured health insurance arrangements for their employees are leaving money on the table
  • edHEALTH’s new employee engagement communications

October 2020 | October 2020 edHEALTH newsletter.pdf

  • Why the mental health crisis could get worse and how HR can respond
  • Why edHEALTH chose Vermont for its stop-loss subsidiary, Educators Health Insurance Exchange
  • edHEALTH’s first Thought Leadership seminar on employee engagement trends, best practices, and insights

August 2020 | August 2020 edHEALTH news.pdf

May 2020 | May 2020 edHEALTH newsletter.pdf

April 2020 | April 2020 edHEALTH news.pdf

February 2020 | Feb 2020 edHEALTH news.pdf

December 2019 | December edHEALTH news.pdf

November 2019 | November 2019 edHEALTH news.pdf

October 2019 | October 2019 edHEALTH news.pdf

August 2019 | August 2019 edHEALTH news.pdf

April 2019 newsletter.pdf

January 2019 news.pdf

July 2018 news.pdf

November 2017 news.pdf

March 2017 news.pdf

July 2016 news.pdf

January 2016 news.pdf

5 Reasons Clinical Intervention Program Works: No Costs for Member Schools

Sep 13
Population health

According to a recent report from PricewaterhouseCoopers' Health Research Institute, medical costs will increase on average 6.5% in 2022. The report cites pa...

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Tracy Hassett Selected to Chair Search Committee for President of Vermont Captive Insurance Association

Oct 20
VCIA logo

Educators Health Exchange President, Tracy Hassett, is chairing the committee to identify the next president of the Vermont Captive Insurance Association (VC...

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Member-Owner Meeting Helps Focus on Pain Points and Opportunities

Oct 20
2021 Member-Owner Meeting

Which strategic initiatives should edHEALTH and its member schools focus on? This year’s member-owner meeting helped to guide those discussions. Almost 100 m...

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What’s Next for Harvard Pilgrim Health Care and Tufts Health Plan Merger? Vice President Patrick Cahill Shares Update

Oct 20
Point32Health logo

This year’s member-owner meeting included a presentation from Point32Health’s Vice President of the Massachusetts Market, Patrick Cahill, on the Harvard Pilg...

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Move to Self-Insurance Improves Control and Cost Transparency for Holy Cross — Joins edHEALTH Effective January 1, 2022

Oct 20
College of the Holy Cross

The College of Holy Cross began its search for a new employee healthcare benefit provider last spring when Fallon Health, their longtime carrier, announced t...

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Higher Ed HR Leaders Share 3 Benefits from edHEALTH Coalition That Helped Them Navigate the Pandemic

Nov 10
Association for Collaborative Leadership

Three of our higher education institution HR leaders shared how the edHEALTH coalition helped them navigate the pandemic at the October Association for Colla...

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How Does our Captive Solution Work?

Nov 10
Captive Video

edHEALTH’s Tracy Hassett explains how the edHEALTH captive provides a healthcare solution that benefits higher education and secondary school institutions, t...

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First Maine School Joins edHEALTH: Saint Joseph's College is a Good Fit for Captive Solution

Nov 11
Saint Joseph's College of Maine

edHEALTH welcomes its first Maine educational institution when Saint Joseph’s College of Maine joins effective January 1, 2022. The school’s needs for facult...

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November 2021 Newsletter

Nov 15
November newsletter

Find out:Why Saint Joseph’s College is a good fit for the captive solutionWhat is Advanced Primary Care and why is it an important healthcare policyWhich car...

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Point32Health Selects UnitedHealthcare as its National Network – What This Means to Tufts Health Plan and HPHC Members

Nov 10
Providers across the nation

Point32Health, the combined Tufts Health Plan and Harvard Pilgrim Health Care organization, selected UnitedHealthcare as its national network provider effect...

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Share-it Employee Engagement Communications

Oct 1
edHEALTH employee engagement share-it communications

edHEALTH provides share-it employee engagement communications to help member school employees navigate and maximize their healthcare benefits. Check out thes...

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